Name origin:
Eryngium comes from the greek (Eryngion) which translates to “Sea Holly”.

Symbolic meaning: Dignity
Eryngium symbolizes independence, dignity, and attraction. Eryngium flowers are suitable for sentiments of respect, admiration, and severity. Eryngium is a very dignifying flower which carries feelings of respect, high esteem, and appreciation to the recipient of this flower. Eryngium has also been used as a medicinal plant and as an aphrodisiac for centuries.




Eryngium Magical Blue Lagoon
Eryngium Magical Blue Lagoon performs flower stems topped with large teasel like flowerheads which develop from green-grey through shades of intense blue.

  • Use as: Filler

    Use as: Filler

  • Color: Blue

    Color: Blue

  • Vase Life: 2-3 weeks

    Vase Life: 2-3 weeks

  • Grades: 50-90 cm

    Grades: 50-90 cm